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Self-Sufficiency Employment Estimator

Self-Sufficiency Employment Estimator

This estimator calculates the income required by an individual or family to meet its basic needs for a given family size and geographic location. These basic needs include housing, food, health care, transportation, childcare and taxes. The estimated income does not include public or private assistance.

Based on this amount the calculator will show the occupations that meet or exceed the income needed. It also shows the education requirements, on-the-job experience and job outlook for those occupations.

The calculator can help you:

  • Set educational and occupational goals
  • Identify a better paying job
  • Decide if a job you are considering will pay enough to meet your family's needs

Median Wages by Occupation Group and Gender

The percent of females and males in major occupational groups and the median wage of females and males in major occupational group are shown for the ten New York State Labor Market Regions. A map of the region of the selected county is displayed along with regional wage and gender information.