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New York State Department of Labor Employer Registration

Welcome to the NYS100 for Household Employers

The online New York State Employer Registration Unemployment Insurance, Withholding, and Wage Reporting (NYS100) is for household employers to register for an Employer Registration Number to ensure that quarterly combined returns and UI payments are credited promptly and accurately.

Business Employers: Register through New York Business Express (NYBE). NYBE is a new online portal for you to quickly and easily find information related to licensing, regulation, incentives and support to help open and operate your business in New York State.

Who needs to file?

If you pay compensation to individuals for their services, you may be liable for UI contributions and withholding taxes and responsible for filing wage reporting information. For more information about liability for unemployment insurance contributions under NYS law review our liability page.

Who is not able to register online?

If you are a non-profit IRC 501(C) (3), agricultural, Indian Tribe, or governmental employer you are not able to register online at this time. Click on your employer type to download your registration form.

What do you need to file online?

Household employers need:

  • An email address
  • A valid Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). (Social Security Number may not be used in place of a FEIN)
  • System and Browser Requirements

    • The following browser types and version number and greater are recommended:
    • Browser must be JavaScript enabled.
    • HTTPS certificate must be accepted.
    • Application is best viewed with the screen resolution of 1024 X 768 minimum.
    • An English keyboard.
    • Data submitted is secure however, if using a shared computer, this might enable others to view personal information. To avoid this, user should clear browser and close window after submitting application.
  • Recommendations Specific to the Online NYS100 (eReg) application

    • User will have up to 30 minutes to complete each application screen. When user clicks on "Next" or "Add" button on a page, the "Timer Countdown" is reset to another 30 minutes. The "Timer Countdown" is displayed at the bottom left of each page. If the time runs out, all data entered has been lost as you have timed out. You must start the application from the beginning.
    • If you encounter problems, you can download this form and fax it to the number provided on the form.NYS-100-Employer Registration Form for Unemployment Insurance, Withholding and Wage Reporting
    • Please retain a copy of the submitted data. To do this, your computer will need to be connected to a printer. After you successfully submit the application, you will be provided with the opportunity to print the information that was provided in your application.

Need Assistance?

For assistance, call (888) 899-8810 or (518) 457-4179.

Ready to File?

If you have everything you need to register online, click on the "Begin Registration" button.